I know, it’s been such a long time since I’ve logged in and made a journal entry. Suffice it to say, paleo autoimmune protocol has more or less gone out the window. As a result, I’m covered with breakouts. I went to the doctor to get some antibiotics to take care of this b.s., so I need to get my food straight again. Stupid holidays.

More posts next week, when things get back on track both with a regular schedule and with regular food.


I cheated.

Guys, I have to admit something to you.

I cheated.

A lot.

It was difficult to stay on a paleo meal plan this week. I teach, and all my kids brought teacher presents of baked goods, then wanted me to try them right then and there so I could tell them how good they were. There was candy all over the place. Busy week meant grabbing meals whenever and however I could. It was a MESS, food plan wise. I’ve decided that I will NEVER AGAIN tell someone that they can have something that they’ve said no to- that’s not fair to either of us. You know those conversations, right? Someone’s trying to not eat something, and you’re all, come on, it won’t hurt! Have a cheat snack/meal/day/week. You only live once! That’s right, I only live once; and with a disease like hidradenitis suppurativa, I’m trying to make that one life as comfortable as possible. I hate when people do that to me, I won’t do it someone else.

It’s time to get back on to the paleo pony and learn to ride. Christmas vacation equals two weeks of not having a set schedule. I do fine with I’m working- I can only eat at certain times, there’s no time to snack, and I drink enough water. Being at home means I can go into the kitchen whenever I want to. Weekends are hard for me because of not having a schedule. Long breaks are super difficult because of the same thing. But, you ask, why don’t you just set yourself a schedule? Left to my own devices, I’m completely nocturnal. When I don’t have to get up early, I stay up late and sleep in. I find that late night is a time of incredible creativity for me, and I don’t want to miss out on that. Either way, my body is doing something it’s not used to. By allowing myself to stay up late when I want, at least I’m partly happy. So it’ll stay and I’ll retrain my eating habits, instead of having to retrain both eating AND sleeping habits at once.

And because it was such a busy, stressful week and I ate so badly, I’m covered with breakouts. They hurt.

In other news, though, I think I found a natural deodorant that works. It’s keeping me from smelling and it’s not too irritating yet- natural deodorants have a different PH level than traditional deodorants, and sometimes it takes a week or two for your body to get used to that. While you’re adjusting, you might experience a mild rash or itching. I’m at the itching stage. I know it’ll be fine when I come out on the other side, though. I’m excited to have possibly found a natural deodorant that works!

Keep on keeping on, y’all. I have one family gathering left, which means one more blatant opportunity to fall off the wagon. Lucky for me, my bro is a personal trainer and eats paleo, too, so he’ll be there to help me make smart choices.


Said the tiny gray man to Milo (The Phantom Tollbooth, y’all!)!

It’s true- this week is a slump week. It’s hard to stay on target for food. I teach, and it’s finals week. I’m super stressed, and the fact that my neck is hurting and I can’t turn it very well makes me think that my breakouts are a result of stress and not food. I’m trying to stay good about diet, but it doesn’t always work. Since I know my triggers, I’m trying to stay away from them; I’m still covered in breakouts. At this point, I can’t point definitively at diet or stress or some nasty combination of the two. Yeesh.


Yesterday, I spoke too soon. Counted my chickens before they hatched. Jumped the gun. Any way you slice it, I spoke too quickly.

You see, dear reader, I do have some breakouts as a result of my reckless Saturday food behavior.

I have THREE. I noticed them last night. They’re still little, so hopefully they won’t get too out of control. In a way, I’m glad I got them- if a few cookies and one Taco Bell meal can wreak this kind of havoc, I’m glad I know about this. No more enchiritos. No more double decker tacos. I’m sad but feeling liberated, all at the same time. Winky face goes here.

The headaches still continue. It’s nice to know that this is normal and to be expected at this point in the process though. Onward, week two! I’m still feeling encouraged.


And NOW it’s officially one week in!

Still no more breakouts. The ones that I had when I started this journey are healing. WOOHOO!

Yesterday was…. interesting, food-wise. I volunteer as a historical reenactor with Jesse Jones Park in Humble, and sometimes I get asked to volunteer at other places. Last night, I volunteered at the Heritage Society in downtown Houston. I was part of the 1820s house (when I volunteer, I’m a pioneer/settler in this area of Texas in the 1820s and 1830s. My areas of expertise are processing fiber to spin into thread and yarn, spinning said fiber, and pioneer laundry). It was a lot of fun- I spun cotton all night and gabbed with the visitors to the house. It was freezing but we had a blast! I didn’t eat dinner before I headed down there, and I cheated and had some cookies at the event. By the time I got home at 11:30 last night, I was STARVING! As I was due to grocery shop this morning and the pantry was empty, I made a run for the border- Taco Bell, y’all. Breakouts are fine, but tummy is in revolt! I did really well, eating paleo all week. Yesterday, I fell off the wagon. Falling off the wagon results in my body staging  a violent coup to rid itself of the recently ingested processed food. Also, refined sugars and food preservatives are my major HS triggers, so I’m hoping I don’t end up with a new breakout later in the week.

But anyway, on to week two! This morning, after grocery shopping, I put together some snackies to have on hand through the week. I made some broccomole (like guacamole, but with broccoli, thank God for Pinterest!) and some paleo and autoimmune friendly fudge. I know, I know, but it IS the holidays and I wanted something sweet. The fudge looks so good!


It has to set for a little while in the freezer, I can’t wait to try it! I got the recipe from Betty Rawker, you can find it here

I’m finding my footing here, people, and am starting to feel more confident about what’s going on in my kitchen. Breakouts are on their way out the door, and I’m thrilled!

Also, I’ll be delving into deodorant this week. As an HS sufferer, it’s really important that I don’t clog my pores with antiperspirants. Antiperspirants+HS=Hell on earth. I can’t find a natural deodorant that works, they either a. make me break out in a rash or b. don’t work at all and leave me stinky! I’m currently using Secret until I get a new deodorant in the mail that I ordered from Etsy. I’m hoping it works, I’ll keep you posted!


Almost week one, in the books

I’m six days in. After much fussin’ and discussin’ (and consulting with nutritional authorities), my diet has been revised. I’m now going with a modified paleo autoimmune protocol. Still difficult. Yeesh.

On the upside, six days in and I’ve lost 6.5 pounds! My headaches come and go, but my sources tell me that’s normal for the first few weeks as my body processes all the junk out of my system. At this point in the week, my trusty tract breakout* would’ve reappeared- it’s still gone! The skin is still kind of raw and tender, but it has definitely not refilled and turned into a breakout. HUZZAH! That’s a huge deal to me, and a major step in the right direction!

This is hard, y’all. And expensive. I found myself going to the grocery store literally every day this week because I didn’t have something on hand for a recipe. I’m hoping that’ll calm down as things progress.

Also, I gotta look into some gardening. I have the black thumb of death when it comes to growing things, but surely there are some plants out there that can survive even me….. right?

Things are looking up. One week in, and I’m feeling encouraged.


*Not familiar with HS and its symptoms? Tract breakouts (AKA tract boils) are what happens when a breakout is so severe that it forms a tunnel under your skin. It’s basically the fountain of pus (gross, I know. But this blog is all about honesty and education). The breakout will fill, burst, and drain repeatedly- literally forever, until some form of treatment is introduced. In the past, I’ve had two removed surgically. Not fun, lots of pain.

The Day Three BLERGHS.

Okay, seriously. It’s only day three. I’m craving EVERYTHING. This is the worst time of year to do this- it’s cold, and there’s treats everywhere. I just want meatloaf- scratch that, it has tomatoes. Nevermind, I want a cheese and broccoli baked potato. NOPE, it’s got cheese and a potato. GRRRR. I know I brought this on to myself- that’s what I get for eating crappy food for so long.

I did have a great breakfast- bacon and two apples. Mmmmm…. bacon. I seem to be enjoying my breakfasts lately, let’s see if I can catch the rest of my meals up.

You guys ever heard of nutritional yeast? It’s supposed to taste like cheese. I bought some today to try out. It does taste like cheese…. like BURNED cheese.

I’m grumpy. And hungry. Hrmph.

I know what many of my triggers are, but I’m still learning about others. I know this is a good thing for me. It’s hard, and it’s only day three. I’m doomed.

(Also, why am I so dependent on food? So I can’t have any damn ketchup… what’s the problem? YEESH. This is what happens when you use food as emotional support for 33 years.)